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The quality assurance software

TRiMiTi from Nexustec is a work support and quality control system based on artificial intelligence (AI). The software is the missing link to Industry 4.0, which places a lot of emphasis on connected workplaces.






What does the name "TRiMiTi" stand for?

"TRiMiTi" is a Sanskrit word which means 3 dimensions, or 3-dimensional objects. In our concept of digitization of manual work, we aim to allow the worker complete freedom of mobility in all three dimensions and not restrict them in any way. 

Therefore, the idea is TRiMiTi will allow the worker feasibility of working in natural environment while allowing us to monitor, digitize and enforce quality control on the production process.

TRiMiTi therefore encapsulates the entire concept of barrier-free, restriction-free work environment.

Significant cost savings
by guaranteed quality

Maximum customer satisfaction by minimum error rate

6-12 months
Return on Invest

Full control of the manufacturing process

Significant cost savings in your production

Product traceability and product state details



Until now, there was no easy way to integrate manual work into digitized processes without explicit retraining and redesign of manual workstations and work processes. TRiMiTi masters complex production processes and offers solutions for sophisticated action flows and automated process control.

TRiMiTi provides in-line quality control and implements the manual operations of your manufacturing process using networked and automated equipment and workstations.