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Color & Texture detection check in manufacturing

Color and texture detection checks are an essential quality control measure in industrial manufacturing. The use of these checks ensures that products meet the desired standards and specifications. Color detection is carried out by analyzing the light entering a sensor to detect specific colors or color variations, which can be used to identify variations in product batches. TRiMiTi uses advanced Industrial cameras in combination with controlled light sources to deduce the colors of the surfaces and parts accurately.

Texture detection, on the other hand, involves measuring surface characteristics such as roughness or smoothness through various optical and contact sensors. TRiMiTi can interface with various optical sensors such as Laser profile sensor, or Force-contact sensors to get the surface textures. These measurements are critical for ensuring that products have consistent physical properties, and they play a significant role in industries like where customer interacts with the surfaces on a regular basis such as steering wheel surface, where texture can affect consumer preferences.

Overall, color and texture detection checks improve efficiency in manufacturing plants by minimizing errors and reducing downtime caused by faulty products.

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