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Summary of automatica 2023

NEXUSTEC GmbH participated for the first time in automatica trade fair at it's 2023 edition in Messe Munich. We had our booth set up at Machine Vision Pavilion organized by VDMA.

The main product of NEXUSTEC is TRiMiTi, a Novel AI-powered digitization system for manual work processes. TRiMiTi includes:

- worker guidance,

- work step verification,

- in-line & end-of-line process & Quality control, and

- aspects of Computer-Aided-Quality control for manual processes in manufacturing.

We presented 3 demonstrator stations with total of 5 demos at our booth.

With the 5 product-demos presented by NEXUSTEC at Automatica, we have tried to cover our product features and offerings such as:

1. Assembly assistant - for simulated EV-Battery pack with integration of on-board battery control module in TRiMiTi

2. Screw Fastening assistant - also with No-Code configuration using Learning-by-doing

3. Automated Object Inspection in combination with parts tracking to the correct target bin

4. Packaging assistant - with integration of external sensors, and in-line digital process control for manual processes

5. Pick-by-Camera - a novel product to replace the rigid and difficult to configure Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light systems using passive optical marker / TDI from NEXUSTEC & smart gesture recognition for verification of parts picking / placement.

NEXUSTEC @ automatica 2023

The response we have received at the booth has been quite overwhelming with various industry leaders from fields such as Automotive, Train construction, Aerospace, Machine manufacturing, Metrology, and Service providing companies. The use cases discussions provided a detailed insight to the various team members of NEXUSTEC present on our booth.

All of our team members were present on at least 2 days to showcase their work directly to potential customers and partners, and exchanged a lot of good content one-on-one with the would-be users of TRiMiTi directly.

NEXUSTEC @ automatica 2023

Overall, we are very happy to have received you all at our booth, and individual followups have already been started. Apart from this, we have also released a new bookings link to meet with NEXUSTEC-Process experts to discuss individual use cases.

NEXUSTEC @ automatica 2023

After Automatica and a well deserved summer break, NEXUSTEC will join following tradefairs and exhibitions:


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