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We have a solution for product recalls … Revolutionize your manufacturing process with TRiMiTi

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the spectre of product recalls haunts even the biggest manufacturers. These recalls dent their reputation and adversely affect the trust of customers and stakeholders alike.


For example, Boeing's safety recall due to missing or loose bolts in the rudder control assembly is a stark reminder that preventable errors persist despite digitization and automation.

To prevent such recalls, NEXUSTEC GmbH has developed a solution that avoids these human errors and makes every worker a superhero in their field. TRiMiTi assists workers in their daily tasks while ensuring they don’t make any avoidable mistakes.

Using TRIMITI leads to:

• Enhanced Product Quality

• Increased Profitability

• Elevated Customer Satisfaction 

If you are interested in further information, feel free to contact us …


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