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Object position, size and variant check in manual assemblies

In manual assemblies, object position, size, and variant check are three critical factors that significantly impact the product quality and assembly process. Object position must be checked & accurately maintained throughout assembly to ensure precision and consistency of the final product.

Additionally, checking the size of objects as they are assembled is essential for verifying proper fit and functionality. Finally, variant check ensures that each product is built according to customer specifications and avoids costly mistakes or recalls and reduces scrap rate.

Proper training of assembly workers in these areas is essential to avoid errors and defects in the final product. TRiMiTi provides an alternative to such costly training/retraining of the workers and supervisors to make them aware of all the minor changes in parts & processes. As such, attention to detail, precise measurement techniques, and thorough quality control processes must be adhered to at all times during manual assembly operations.

TRiMiTi ensures that all the manual assembly work is compliant with industry 4.0 standards and can be done at no training cost for the workers. It can also allow the production of the parts to be optimized using the data TRiMiTi collects at each sub-step of the assembly.

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