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TRiMiTi by Nexustec for roof rack systems

... or: Why no screw is ever loose again thanks to artificial intelligence.


Assembly and packaging of roof racks requires different processes with human support:

  • The safety-relevant screw connections must be fixed and specific components must be installed.

  • The process must be documented and checked by a quality assurance employee.

  • The roof rack is then given a serial number and packed with other components in a transport box.

  • The packing slip with serial number is provided to the logistician and customer.

A mistake can cause costs and dangerous consequences.

TRiMiTi from NEXUSTEC supports human action here and ensures that the necessary steps are initiated immediately in the event of deviations or errors and not just at the end of the production line.

The result: a 100% quality product at the end of assembly.

This revolutionary interaction between people and technology opens up completely new possibilities for companies.

How can NEXUSTEC products optimize your workflow?

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